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Is It Good To Take Bath After Having A Meal?

It's bad to bath after eating
the western doctor says its true, cos after you eat, the blood circulation at the stomach area is more intense than normal times, and when you bath with cold water, it makes the blood vessel don't know contracts or wad.. but he says its a truth.

the chinese physician says after you eat, the 'qi' in your stomach will be produced, and the wrong water temperature outside the body won't make it healthy to the body, so he says its true. and do not exercise directly and drink chinese tea after meals.
Digestion requires good blood flow and digestion generates heat. If one takes a warm shower, does exercise or goes for a swim, the blood needs to be diverted to the skin surface for cooling purposes. This interferes with digestive process and you can end up having a stomach ache, can faint or even have a heart failure if you are weak.

Though most people would see no ill effects having showered right after a meal, but weak or old people can have a different reaction. So a healthy habit is to wait for about 30 mins after a meal before taking a shower. 
The reason someone would faint would be because there is not enough blood flowing to the brain. Digestion requires a high percentage of blood and when you take a warm shower the blood vessels dilate in order to cool down the body by releasing the heat from blood to the skin. More blood flows through those vessels and since so much blood is being used elsewhere the brain may be lacking blood and the bodys reaction to this is to faint because fainting will keep the body level and the blood will flow evenly. This may not affect a lot of people but people with health concerns and also people with bad circulation may have problems
If you care for your health, then better bath after eat around 30 minutes
NOTE: I copied this from other places. This is because as they say," Sharing is caring" :), Have a nice day~
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