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How to reduce lagness of a computer

Nowadays, many people complained that their computer are lag and they can't help to reduce it but just don't know how. Do not worry because here is the solution that i personally figured it out.

First, press windows key + X and the screen will show as follows, then select task manager.

Secondly, select the processes tab and browse through to see which process comes with less priority. Normally, the processes will have the name similar to the program that is still active even though you are not opening it. This is because they run in background which will cause your processor to handle more tasks in one time, making your computer to feel hot or laggy. Remember, the more the tasks you have running in your computer, the more prone your computer is exposed to the laggy state. Therefore, close it by selecting the end task option as the following photo.

Also, you can select the startup button to disable unnecessary programs from running when you on your computer. This will help you to decrease the processes running on you computer and decrease the "lag"ness of your computer when you enter the desktop of your computer.

Finally, you can check the total processes running on your computer by selecting the performance tab of your task manager as the photo shown above. The total number of processes allowed for your computer to run in optimum state is 65 -80 for computer with i3- i5 processors while 70-90 for computers with i7 processors.

That's all as simple as that. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and i will answer you. Enjoy your life!

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