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What is Technical Preview, RTM and other version of Windows (8, 8.1 and 10)

OEM: “Original Equipment Manufacturing”. For example, Windows 8 OEM is the edition which comes preinstalled on a computer. So when you buy a PC, the OS edition that you’ll get is this one. The OEM version windows has the same capabilities as the Retail.

RTM: “Release to Manufacturing”. Windows 8 RTM is an edition that is no longer in the development stage, but not released to customers yet.

RC: “Release Candidate”. Exactly what it means, this edition comes right before the RTM. Different version of the RC are indicated by rc1, rc2 and so on.

Retail: The final one, is the Retail. This edition is the same as the OEM, but it’s not preinstalled and sold separately in a box, usually at a higher price. You should buy it only if you have a computer that doesn’t have any OS installed, maybe because you’re building it yourself.

RT is installed on the Microsoft Surface tablet.  Since it’s built for tablets it doesn’t have all the features of the other Windows editions.  For example, it only has a partial desktop, only supports Windows Store Apps, doesn’t come with Windows Media Player and can’t join a corporate domain.  On the positive side, Surface does comes bundled with Microsoft Office and despite a $900 million dollar write down on the tablet, Microsoft is allegedly working on a faster, sleeker Surface tablet called the Surface 2 and next Surface3.

Core, is what most people have in mind when considering Windows 8.  This is what’s known as the Basic edition of Windows and is aimed at the home market.  The majority of consumers will purchase Windows 8 Core. Unless you’re buying Windows 8 for your company or prefer the Surface tablet, you’ll want this version of Windows.  The upgrade is currently $119.99 USD.

Pro is analogous to Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate so as Windows 8 and 8.1.  Businesses and gadget geeks will buy this edition so they can use integrated features such as Remote Desktop, Group Policy and BitLocker,

Enterprise is geared toward businesses like Pro but also contains extra features such as BranchCache and Windows To Go  to help IT departments organize their Microsoft assets, but of course, they are more expensive too.

If you are not sure on which version of Windows to choose, comment below and i will help you~ :) Happy Windows' ing.

What is Technical Preview, RTM and other version of Windows (8, 8.1 and 10) What is Technical Preview, RTM and other version of Windows (8, 8.1 and 10) Reviewed by Kenneth Xeonnate Yong on 16:31 Rating: 5

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