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Personal Opinion on the Best Web Browser

Personally i think the best web browser that i have used is:

      Mozilla Firefox (http://adf.ly/1bxPi6)


- It is free and not restricted (You can edit any websites whenever you want with permissions)
- It can be customized with themes (Like me am using Space Fantasy Theme)
- Universal Synchronization (You can revisit any websites on any devices with your Firefox account signed
- One click easy managing add-ons (You can disable any add-ons you don't want easily)
- You can install third parties add-ons such as adblock to block advertisement on websites (Note: Some low
   end PC might experience lag issue when using this)
- Easy download items with add-ons such as Ant downloader to to download videos from websites
Personal Opinion on the Best Web Browser Personal Opinion on the Best Web Browser Reviewed by Kenneth Xeonnate Yong on 14:31 Rating: 5

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