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How to Identify Fraud Emails or Scam

Recently i have just come across some emails from sources from 'strangers'. In my current country, Malaysia, they come in various forms which are usually service provider companies such as Apple Support, Maybank2U, Microsoft and etc. So, i am going to teach you all how to identify the email we received in our emails is fraud or real.

How to Identify Fraud Emails or Scam?
1.  Click into the email like below (but be careful not to open the link embedded in it)

2. Check the sender's email address beside the email sender's name. Next go to the service provider company's site for example Apple Support in this case by typing Apple Support in Google.com of your browser.
3. Compare the email address and check if it is the same as the one you found on the support site of your service provider company. If it is not the same, it is a fraud. If it is the same, it is an email from your service provider company.
4. Delete the email.
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