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Why Update to Windows 10 latest version (Creator's Update)

Just a few days ago, Microsoft released a new version of Windows 10 called Creator's Update. The following are the benefits or i should say the strength of this new Windows 10.


Better PC Security
Stronger Windows Defender (Anti-Virus) and increased security features


Pause Windows Update
Stop Windows Update for a week if you have limited Internet data

Night Light Filter
Similar to Flux software, it changes the colour of your PC's screen during night time so that you can sleep better and reduce your eye strain

Clearer Tab View (Microsoft Edge Browser)
A sharper preview image is shown when you point to a tab in Microsoft Edge Browser

Set Tabs Aside feature (Microsoft Edge Browser)
Tabs in Microsoft Edge Browser can be contained in the top left corner of the browser if you open too much tabs that you need but you want to use it later, particularly in assignments for students

Cortana A.I. now works with Sticky Notes
You can ask Cortana to remind you something based on the sticky notes you had made

Emoji Keyboard Feature
Emoji Keyboard is available for Windows 10 users to use in typing,

3D Paint
You can now create 3D image using 3D Paint in Windows 10

Play Music on Lockscreen
You can now play music you like on your PC's lock screen

PC Hotspot
You can now use your PC to project wireless hotspots either for gaming or share Internet purposes

Game Mode
Windows 10 will now switch into gaming mode when you launch a game to improve your gaming experience such as increased fps, broadcast game and so on
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