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Best Budget Phone of September 2018

2 weeks before, my Vivo V3Max smartphone which I have used for 2 years broke down. So I decided to buy a new phone and I surveyed for about a week. At the end, the phone that I bought is Xiaomi's Pocophone F1. It is a super nice phone and I really recommend it. Here are the reasons why:

1. Highly Customize-able (Theme & App Full Control)

It allows its users to change the themes of their phones with a large variety of choices and take control of the app in their phone in order to save battery and focus on their work.

2. Equipped With Best Up-To-Date Specifications (Quick Start & Consistent Temperature)

It is equipped with latest processor and Adreno 630 GPU which allows its users to game with high settings smoothly. Love to create hotspot from your phone? Liquid cooling system allows the phone to stay in consistent temperature, thus helps to prolong your battery life. The boot up time for this phone and opening apps is super fast!

3. Developer Friendly (Deep Customization)

For users who like to have full control over their phone, including me, will surely like this phone because customizing phone is allowed including rooting which allows users to do fantastic things such as hacking and backup apps without having to download resources again, disable app auto startups to produce stable ping while gaming and others.
(NOTE: For experienced and knowledgeable users only or you will brick your phone)

4. Long Term Update Support (Dedicated Forum)

Xiaomi India's head of product mentioned that Pocophone F1 will be receiving continuous update from the phone's official developers and also freelance developers which allows this phone to stay up-to-date and bug free for a longer period of time when compared with other phones (Xiaomi released this phone's kernel). Users can report bug in MIUI Forum in their phones.

5. Pocket Friendly (Budget)

The price of this phone in Malaysia for 6GB + 128GB storage variant is just RM 1499 /350USD for United States of America as in September. Compared to the other middle-end phones, this phone can easily win and stand out of it.

In conclusion, this phone is really worth buying and it has attracted lots of people to buy it. I recommend buying this phone from physical stores such as Mi store and check whether it has screen bleeding or not before buying it.
To check it, click here --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL4madKTBT0

For my favorite 6 features of Pocophone F1, watch this video:

For more information regarding this phone, click the links in the description of this link's video below
--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOd4lHjYFqc&t=14s

Best Budget Phone of September 2018 Best Budget Phone of September 2018 Reviewed by Kenneth Xeonnate Yong on 17:57 Rating: 5

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